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Learn how oxidation effects your everyday life — at home and in the salon!


Prevent common salon disasters by understanding what causes them.


Correct issues caused by oxidation, giving you and your clients healthier, more vibrant hair.

Multiple Modules for Complete Education

Each course allows you to learn exciting elements regarding oxidation and the world around you. With short quizzes at the end of each one, test your knowledge as you complete each category. From color disasters to ultimate bad hair days, you'll be armed with the knowledge to combat every issue that awaits you in your chair.

Certification = Bragging Rights

Go ahead, OWN IT! Malibu C certification shows your clients you truly care about their hair and skin, and that you know what's causing their issues. 

All The Tools You Need to Stop Oxidation in Its Tracks

The Malibu Academy Certification Program is intended to give you the knowledge you need to tackle unpleasant surprises behind the chair. From prep to color removal to home maintenance, Malibu C is there every step of the way.


What Are You Waiting For?

Knowledge is power! The course content in our Malibu C Certification contains information you can use today. This certification gives you the confidence you need for predictable results, every single time. When you know what causes the problem, you know how to prevent the problem.

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